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Millennials Move Over – 10 Killer Tips to Reach Gen Z

  • Millennials Move Over – 10 Killer Tips to Reach Gen Z

    by Patty Odell


    Author: Patricia OdellOne of the truly great things about the discipline of marketing is a pursuit that it is in constant flux. Market trends move. And the constantly shifting winds of markets mean you need to constantly stay in tune with your key demographic. Yesterday it was Gen X, then Gen Y, then Millennials.


    But now, Gen Z seems to be elbowing Millennials aside as the demographic most sought after by marketers. That may still be up for debate. However, Gen Z and its massive size — 2.6 billion by 2020 — and annual buying power — $44 billion — are clearly attractive to marketers.


    96% of Gen Z owns a smartphone and 86% use social media to learn about new products.—mediakix

    Perhaps no one understands this group as well as Connor Blakley. He is the 17 year-old entrepreneur who founded youth marketing agency YouthLogic to help brands market to young people. To give us some insights into the market, Blakley provided 10 great tips to help you capture the attention of Gen Z.


    To see them all, read the full article at ChiefMarketer.com

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