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Our Approach

Dan Hoff Marketing: focused on results

As a trusted marketing advisor and valued resource, we pride ourselves on consistently building a strong marketing presence for your company.

We understand marketing. We understand business. And we understand that we must show value every day. We deliver clear, actionable plans for your business and have an equally clear track record of taking our clients’ businesses to the next level.

The cornerstone of our business is our keen listening skills. We listen carefully to you and respect the culture of your company. We’re extremely flexible in how we structure engagements always aligning with client values, needs and requirements.

Marketing isn’t a department

It’s potential. The chance to find new opportunities and customers while getting the most out of the opportunities and customers you already have. We are experts at combining strategy and execution in a way that doesn’t just maximize your potential - it redefines it. And here’s how we do it.


What we do - How we do it

We work with you to:

  • Define and build marketing strategy efforts for your company, acting as your marketing department where none exists or identifying/refining your internal resources and skill sets, organizing them into professional grade marketing efforts

  • Create go-to-market strategies, manage sales channels, and own product definition, positioning and customer value proposition

  • Build actionable plans that champion your company’s brand advancement strategy in collaboration with your business development group to best reach the company’s core target audience, build sales volume and increase revenues

About Dan Hoff Marketing


  • Develop and manage strategic marketing tactics, across locations, divisions and departments with a strong focus on your revenue goals, client acquisition requirements, business diversity and retention and recruitment of business critical people

  • Manage your existing internal marketing resources to improve skills, professionalize or fully optimize the talent pool you already have

We focus our services exclusively on helping businesses that are savvy enough to recognize the need to adopt a strategic approach to their marketing and sales, but simply don’t need a full-time marketing staff.

We Don't Have all the Answers. Yet.

There are millions of companies throughout the world, but not a single one is exactly like yours. Your strengths, your opportunities and your challenges are yours and yours alone. Which is why we approach each and every marketing problem with a fresh mind, open ears, and a blank slate. We believe that “proprietary formulas”, off-the-shelf solutions and cookie cutter strategies simply don’t work. Because we view every challenge as unique, we’re free to find the answer that’s right for you and only you.

Marketing is a strategic asset that must drive business results. Like any asset, you can maximize its value or you can waste it. We understand this better than most because, unlike most, our experience goes far beyond consulting. We’ve worked as marketers for a broad range of companies in a diverse range of industries, dealing with many of the same issues you face yourself.

We have proven experience, not just as strategic marketing consultants but as marketing practitioners. That is what allows us to help business leaders set, optimize and accelerate their marketing agendas in a way that provides the most value for their companies and their customers.

Because of our experience, we believe in two fundamental ideas:

  1. The incredible power of a big idea
  2. And the importance of being able to bring that big idea to life

When we work with you to launch a new product, develop an innovative new program or revitalize your brand strategy, we don’t just give you a report and send you on your way. We roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with you and your team to implement the plan from beginning to end, doing whatever is necessary to develop and then execute the strategy and deliver top-notch results that truly accelerate your business.